For LJB Travel and Tours owner and General Manager Lorena B. Balingbing, travelling is a life long passion. Having travelled the Philippines and around the globe has given her knowledge of domestic and international destinations, whether for a business trip, visiting home, or simply to enjoy the holidays. It is a great privilege for LJB to be in a business to provide a meaningful service to both locals and tourist.


Her expertise in this field made her a reliable consultant for having your Visa approved and for getting the best travel package arrangements available. LJB can also provide you with the lowes cost airfare and first class, hotel accommodation at a minimal cost.


So the next time you think of having an unforgettable journey, remember LJB Travel and Tours. After all, their mission is your next destination.


You don't have to go across the world to experience a great vacation packaged with beautiful sights, culture and delicious cuisine. You can get it right here- in the Philippines.

The Philippines is a must-see destination for travel enthusiasts. The white sand of Boracay, the chocolate hills of Bohol, the centuries-old Manila.

Come and explore the best destination year round for hotspots that children and adults alike will remember for years to come: where the memories you make last a lifetime.


We've always known the importance of getting the best value for your money. We have the following affordable travel arrangements available for you:

  • Hotel transfer
  • Hotel Packages
  • Roundtrip airfares
  • Customized itineraries
  • Sight seeing tours

We can also provide Visa Assistance for Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.


Whether you plan for an adventure, a business trip,  a romantic get-away, an urban escape, or you simply want to know history and elements that shaped other countries' ways of life, don't be a traditional traveller. Let LJB take you to extraordinary destinations, creating memories that can be cherished long after you return home. 


Experience the best in international Travel...Go Global. Explore every continent.


Be a globe-trotter.....

A passport stamper....

A wanderer....

A romantic......

A thrill seeker...

An adventurer...

A learner...


Be a tourist...Experience the difference...The LJB Way

  • Unforgettable Journey...the LJB way!
  • The best way to travel, the LJB way!
  • Dream destinations within your reach with LJB Travel and Tours
  • Your next destination...our mission
  • Our Goal...travel excellence