Traveller's Information Guidelines

  • It is advisable and cost effective to purchase your ticket in advance to avail of early bird promo rates from the airlines.
  • Before booking your flight departure to travel abroad and purchasing your ticket, make sure that your passport is valid six (6) months before your desired flight schedule, at  least you still have ample time to renew your passport before your flight.
  • If the country you want to visit requires a visa, make sure that you contact a travel agency or the official website of your desired country to visit to check the list of all requirements.
  • Check in counters are open 2 hours before scheduled time of flight departure, as they close the gate 15 minutes before flight departure.
  • Traveler must be on the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the flight departure, as they close the gate 15 minutes before flight departure.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport data page and visas with your family and friend, so you can be contacted in case of emergency.
  • It is advisable that you purchase a travel insurance when you travel abroad especially if your travelling to Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, Middle East.

                    All passengers is allowed Check-in and Carry on Baggage.

                              ASIA, EUROPE, and other countries-20 kilos

                              USA-2 pieces, 50 lbs per piece or 23 kilos per piece.


                    Carry on Baggage

                              1 Piece 7 kilos or 13 pound luggage

  • Passenger is required to pay terminal fee (Domestic and International Flight)
  • It is advisable to carry your medicine with the doctor's presciptions so that you don't have to look for it in your luggage in case you need it. It is advisable that you can also put in a plastic or zip lock.
  • Be sure to wear proper attire with comfortable footwear when you travel
  • Check the weather conditions in your destination before packing, to make sure that your bringing appropriate and enough number of clothes.