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WWE 2K16 Download Game is a simulation of spectacular battles of American wrestling. It is already 17 edition of this popular series and the third game with the title WWE 2K. In WWE 2K16 game creators will enable us to play the highest number of figures in the history of the series. There are more than 120, which is almost two times more than in the previous installment. Among the available ring warriors they are eg. John Cena Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Paige and Finn Balor.

In WWE 2K16 PC Game also included a lot of news related to the same gameplay. Among them is a new targeting system that allows the removal of the blow in any part of the body of our opponent and more importantly, our opponent adequately respond to the received impact (seizes his stomach game we will get it in this part of the body). For the game they were also added new weapons and more powerful, and more refined animations to use them. During the fights we can use eg.

For over a decade, wrestling games have been lost in that foggy region between being an arcade game and being a simulation game. WWE 2k16 takes a big risk going deeper into simulation mode than ever before, and you have a lot of genius fixes since 2k15. For example, you have more modes than before, which was a common complaint of WWE 2k15. The game just didn’t have enough modes to satisfy you. Another big problem was with the reversals. In WWE 2k15, you just had to button mash to fight your way out of a disadvantageous position. 2k16 has largely addressed those issues so that you feel you’re actually fighting your way out with a reversal. Now, your decision to save or use a reversal can win or lose a match. It’s more strategic than ever before.

More Playable Characters

Any hardcore wrestling fanatic will fall in love with the fact that you have over 125 characters to choose from. You have everyone from Old Colonel Mustafa to the rising Hispanic champion and everything in between. The game features your favorite characters, and you can choose from the 80s and 90s stars, as well as NXT champions. If 125 characters weren’t enough, you also get different versions of each wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin, for example, a wrestler who once chugged more than 115 beers in Japan, has three different versions:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Superstar Steve Austin
  • Stunning Steve Austin

Online Matches: The Problem

Playing the online matches can be somewhat of a problem because of consistent lag throughout the game. Lag can be a huge disadvantage, and when you’re wrestling, you don’t want to be losing because of something outside your actual skills. It’s a shame WWE 2k16 did not put the problem to rest in the newest game because playing matches with your local buddies can be a lot of fun. It’d be great if you could take that experience online.

The Controls Still Need Work

The developers needed to spend a little more time on the controls of the game because the mechanics are not always the greatest. Sometimes the overall movement and what not can feel kind of clunky, and it needs more work than what the developers put into it. The one advantage of WWE 2k16 is how the load time between the ring entrance and the match takes much less time than what you had in 2k15.

Getting Your Opponent to Waste His Resources

The game has more strategic appeal than in past wrestling titles. You just mashed buttons and tried to pull off specials to beat your rival. WWE 2k16 takes a different approach where you try to restore your own stamina while sapping your opponent’s stamina. The weird thing about WWE 2k16 is how you’re not only supposed to win, you have to hype up the crowd at the same time. It could be kind of odd having a blowout match where you whooped your opponent, but you scored low on showmanship, so you had a lower score in general. Oddly enough, it happens in WWE 2k16, which is one of the less savory features of the game.

Like the Personality of the Wrestler?

This section of the game can be somewhat hit and miss. You have times where the personality of the wrestler you play is dead on. Other times, you feel like you’re playing a generic character because it’s so off. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one prime example of a character where they got his personality perfected. You can feel yourself taking the role of Stone Cold Steve Austin. This game is as close to a real performance in a wrestling game as it has ever gotten.

Steel chairs, tables, hammers and baseball bats, and it is only a modest part of all the available props. The game also uses motion capture technology to faithfully reproduce individual blows or behavior of players, also introduced improved animation victories. Now players will be eg. To receive awards and championship belts, which is better to introduce the player in climate wrestlingowego world.

Luckily, the most enlivened of you will discover their satisfaction in the focal point of creation which finds of its eminent after a white season. This year, you can make a whiz or the diva you had always wanted to influence it to appear as though you need it to be before you utilize it in your vocation. The instrument is finished and permits to alter at relaxation the distinctive parts of the body, without neglecting to offer a wide range of outfits to cost the symbol with taste. Primary lament, the menus to explore starting with one area then onto the next are misguided, sprinkled with repulsive miniaturized scale loadings. A consistent in favor of games amusements made in 2K Studio.

Previously published by THQ, the yearly WWE wrestling simulator has only made its way to PC since 2K purchased the license. This means that – despite over a decade of games – there are currently only two installments available on Windows PC.

This means that – if you are looking for a game to help you relive your favorite WrestleMania moments – there is no better place to start than this year’s WWE 2K16

Attitude Era

But suggesting you buy a game just because it’s the most recent version isn’t much of an endorsement is it? Well, don’t worry, even though the game is the same base game as WWE 2K15 (with many of the same mechanical problems) there are some standout reasons to pick it up.

First up, this year’s installment boasts the biggest roster of muscle bound Superstars yet. While it is true that this is a rather predictable bullet point, it has the advantage of allowing you to set up all kinds of fantasy bookings between Legends and the most current roster. The perfect way to pit Mankind against Dean Ambrose.

Another huge bonus for WWE fans is that the single player 2K Showcase focuses on a more iconic story than last year. While WWE 2K15’s looks in to the fall of Degeneration X and the Cena vs CM Puck rivalry was interesting, these pale in comparison to the chance to relive “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s run through WCW and the WWE Attitude Era. 

Survivor Series

This include matches like the incredible WrestleMania 13 Submission Match between The Texas Rattlesnake and Bret the Hitman Hart. Here the goal is to setup those historic moments from the fight that are still shown in video packages to this day. Executing on this can be frustrating, but it is incredibly satisfying to watch the scenes play out if you manage it.

The 2K Showcase is joined by a Career Mode which lets you build your own Superstar. Starting in the NXT developmental league you must form rivalries and alliances along your journey – helping you to build your skills and develop a reputation. Again, this can be tricky, particularly as your new fighter starts off incredibly low leveled, but taking them through the progression is rewarding.

Unfortunately, developer Yuke’s’ game engine feels stiff and dated. Not a huge surprise, it is! The team has not had a year off to rebuild since 2000. Despite having had a next gen visual overhaul a few years ago, characters remain wooden and often glide and jerk around the ring before entering canned animations rather than moving naturally. 

King of the Ring

WWE 2K16 is not an amazing wrestling game but, for WWE fans, it is the only wrestling game. While it would be great to see what 2K and Yuke’s could do if they took a full two years to rebuild the franchise from the ground up – it looks like these yearly updates are all we are going to get. Not perfect, but stillsolid fun and filled with options and modes to keep you going until next WrestleMania. 

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